The first call within the Culture Bridges programme has been completed. As a result of the competition 43 applications were supported in the following categories:
24 applications, grants budget 55179 euro
International Mobility Projects
10 applications, grants budget 79221 euro
National Cooperation Projects
9 applications, grants budget 193415 euro
International Cooperation Projects
We received 544 applications for all categories of grants in total. Applicants represent all regions of Ukraine. The European partners that took part in the competition are represented by more than 10 EU countries. The most represented sectors among all three categories are:
Creative industry
Visual arts
Cultural heritage
National Cooperation
Charitable Organization Charitable Fund Music Camp International, Kyiv
Partner organisation: Charitable Organization Community Foundation of Voznesensk

Project: Spreading the educational and cultural methodology of US-based organization, Music Camp International, throughout Ukraine

The main goal of the project is to build a model for the development and expansion of the methodologies and philosophical framework of Music Camp International. This will be achieved via expanding national teachers' team: they will participate at National Training, internship programme and run under supervision four Music Camps.

Location of the Project: Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chervonohrad
Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv
Partner organisation: Public Organization Centre of Modern Information Technologies and Visual Arts, Kharkiv

Project: Ukrainian Festival of Mobile Cinema "Creative Technologies on the Palm"

The first mobile film festival in Ukraine aimed at residents of all regions without age and gender restrictions. It aims to unite enthusiasts of mobile documentaries from all over Ukraine and promote creative industries among a wide audience

Location of the Project: Lviv
NGO Interactive Ecotheater Wind of Change, Lviv
Partner organisation: NGO Center TEXT, Kyiv

Project: Enter UA (visual-musical performance)

The authors of the project implemented an expedition from Chop to the front line in the East, during which the little-known, unique facets of Ukrainian reality were opened. On the basis of the collected material, a visual-musical performance will be created, the purpose of which is to disseminate ideas of respect for Ukrainian interculturalism and to establish intercultural dialogue.

Location of the Project: Lviv, Kyiv
NGO Cultural Geographies, Kyiv
Partner organisation: NGO Development of Azov Region, Donetsk

Project: Laboratory of the Body

Research and experimental project aimed at attracting attention to issues of education in the field of physicality, sexuality and diversity. The project will consist of theme-related lab works, which will be executed in various forms: digital media (cinema, video), music, comics.

Location of the Project: Kyiv, Lviv, Mariupol
NGO Kray, Lviv
Partner organisation: NGO Starokostiantyniv Nebajduzhyi

Project: Life of Castles (preservation of architectural monuments)

The initiators of the project seek, by organizing joint events, to attract the attention of the public and the authorities to the problem of preservation, promotion and use of architectural monuments such as Castles for the development of communities in Brody, Lviv oblast and the city of Starokostiantyniv, Khmelnytsky region.

Location of the Project: Brody, Starokostiantyniv
NGO Development of Azov region, Donetsk
Partner organisation: NGO 86, Slavutych

Project: TÜ: Tour

A series of field showcases of cultural institutions of Slavutych and Mariupol. The project envisages two stages and will consist of cooperation between the Platform TÜ (Mariupol) and Festival 86 (Slavutych) from April to September 2018 in the field of cultural activism and contemporary art - cinema, music, media art, urban studies, etc.

Location of the Project: Mariupol, Slavutych
NGO Odesa Local Civil Organisation Centre of Development, Odesa
Partner organisation: Kharkiv Art Gallery

Project: An Open Archive of Ukrainian Conceptualism

The result of the project will be an online archive, where experts and a wide audience will be able to study the phenomenon of Ukrainian conceptualism.
NGO Centre of Modern Ukrainian Drama, Kyiv
Partner organisation: NGO Sustainable Development Fund Stara Volyn

Project: Сlass Act

Class Act works with school-children (13-14 years old) living in non-neighbouring areas. Main aim of the project is to bring teenagers together and introduce them to the world of drama.

Location of the Project: Volnovakha, Chop, Severodonetsk

National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre, Kyiv
Partner organisation: Charitable Foundation of Ivan and Yuri Lypiv, Odesa

Project: Festival of Silent Cinema and Contemporary Music "Nimi Nochi" (Silent Nights)

Nimi Nochi (Silent Nights) - an instrument of cultural diplomacy of local and international levels: musicians in Kyiv and Odesa create music for silent films from international and Ukrainian film archives. The festival is accompanied by an educational programme.

Location of the Project: Kyiv, Odesa

Arthouse Traffic, Kyiv
Partner organisation: NGO Cinema Club SKHODZHENNIA, Zaporizhia

Project: All-Ukrainian network of cinema showings

The project aims to create a service for the integration of legal content for film club screenings. It foresees implementation of a user-friendly interface based on the website for access to films for non-profit film clubs of different directions. Fill the movie catalogue with the best examples of European and Ukrainian cinema of all genres.

Location of the Project: Kyiv, Odesa

International Cooperation
NGO 86, Kyiv, Ukraine
Partner organisation: T.A.F. / The Art Foundation, Athens, Greece

Project: 5th International Festival of Film and Urbanism "86"

Integration of the new international programme components as part of the 5th International Festival of Film and Urbanism 86, addressing the local context of Slavutych, such as Eastern European film competition "Palm of North", international residency, and tactical urban workshop.

Location of the Project: Slavutych
Ivano-Frankivsk City Centralized Library System, Ukraine
Partner organisation: Octavian Goga Cluj County Library, Romania

Project: The First Library Online Radio in Ukraine

Exchange of experience with the EU countries through the creation of a library online radio stations.

Location of the Project: Ivano-Frankivsk
International Charitable Foundation IZOLYATSIA, Kyiv, Ukraine
Partner organisation: WRO Center for Media Art Foundation, WRO Center for Media Art Foundation

Project: Interactive Playground

The Interactive Playground is the project with workshops and exhibitions for the youngest audience combining aesthetic, educational and social functions.

Location of the Project: Kyiv
NGO Paul Celan Literature Centre, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Partner organisation: Freie Ukraine Braunschweig e.V., Braunschweig, Germany

Project: Paul Celan 100. Meridian of the Great Master of German language

The project is the part of a big celebration of 100 years of Celan, which will take part in Chernivtsi in 2020 and will gather around European and world researchers, translators, lovers of Celan works for discussions, exchange of experience to deepen international cultural cooperation on the basis of cooperatives associated with the work of the most famous post-war poet.

Location of the Project: Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Paris, Frankfurt am Main, Braunschweig, Berlin, Munich, Vienna
NGO South, Kherson, Ukraine
Partner organisation: Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Warsaw, Poland

Project: Travelling Festival Docudays UA

Two neighboring Festivals from Poland and Ukraine working in similar sector of human rights documentary films join their forces to hold Travelling Festival in 22 regions of Ukraine and show the most up to date selection of documentary artworks, hold follow-up discussions with the viewers in 250 towns of Ukraine

Location of the Project: 22 regions of Ukraine (at least 250 cities and towns of Ukraine)
Kyiv Contemporary Music Days, Kyiv, Ukraine
Partner organisation: AFEA Associação de Fomento do Ensino Artístico, Portugal

Project: New music : touchpoints

International contemporary classical music festival with educational and concert constituents, with the participation of some of the most widely internationally recognized composers and performers from 6 countries.The festival will be implemented in two steps: in Lisbon (June) and in Kyiv (September) and will consist of concerts, master classes for composers and lectures for wide audience.

Location of the Project: Lisbon, Portugal. Kyiv, Ukraine
Art Dialogue NGO, Kyiv, Ukraine
Partner organisation: Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, Poland

Project: Lampa.doc Open Air Documentary Film Festival

Documentary Film Festival Lampa.doc is aiming to popularize contemporary documentary films in second-tier cities of Ukraine. It also spreads the culture of outdoor film screenings. This year the festival will be held in Ukraine and Poland

Location of the Project: Berdyansk, Zhytomyr, Uman, Uzhhorod, Kropyvnycki, Zaporizhia, Chervonohrad, Kramatorsk, Trostyanets (Uktaine) and Warsaw (Poland)

Freihandelszone – Ensemblenetzwerk Köln e.V., Köln, Germany
Partner organisation: Totem Centre Theatre Lab (TCTL), Kherson, Ukraine

Project: Parcel from Abroad!

Ukrainian and German artists will create a performance without actors, but participation of citizens of both counties. They question how to create a dialog across borders by collecting personal items, stories and thoughts, that will be boxed in parcels, send to the other city, presented in performances, and documented in exhibitions.

Location of the Project: Kherson (Ukraine) and Cologne (Germany)

Fotopub Association for Contemporary Culture, Novo mesto, Slovenia
Partner organisation: Dzygamedialab, Kyiv, Ukraine

Project: Media Camp

Media Camp is a multi-layered collaboration intended to stimulate intercultural, and inter-institutional exchange between Ukrainian and Slovenian representatives of the cultural sectors through artistic practice and informal education. It facilitates active participation of civil society, artistic research, cultural diversity and aims to overstep the boundaries of traditional identity politics through new media art.

Location of the Project: Ljubljana, Novo Mesto (Slovenia) Kyiv, Kharkiv, (Ukraine)

International Mobility
Unfortunately, we can not disclose the names of people who have received international mobility grants. But we can name organisations that has submitted their applications as sending or hosting organisations. In the first mobility projects call such an organization was Ongoing Project GbR (Germany) and Reading International / University of Reading (Great Britain).
The project is funded by the European Union