The Culture Bridges has selected 20 winners of the sixth grant call.
The sixth grant call of the Culture Bridges Programme has finished on 11 April 2019. As a result of the competition 20 applications were supported with a total budget of over 37 thousand EUR.

The Programme received 210 applications under the fourth grant call. Most applicants are from Ukraine (all oblasts represented, except for Donetsk, Luhansk, Ternopil and Crimea), other part of applicants represent 10 countries of the European Union.

The most demanded destination countries are United Kingdom (15% of applications), Italy (10% of applications) and Germany (9.5% of applications). The most popular type of mobility is a study tour (30% of applications).
The most represented sectors are:
Audiovisual (including film, television, and multimedia)
Visual Arts
Performing arts
Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the names of people who have received grants for International mobility. But we can name organisations that have submitted their applications as sending or hosting organisations. In the sixth mobility projects call such organisations were LLC UP UA STUDIO, NGO Platform of Contemporary Dance, First Academic Ukrainian Theatre for Children and Youth, NGO D.O.M.48.24, Municipal Institution of Lviv National Philharmonic, The National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre, NGO Art Travel, Municipal Enterpise in Chernihiv region "Chernihiv region muppet theatre named after Oleksandr Dovzhenko" and NGO Open Opera Ukraine. All listed organisations are from Ukraine and invited participants from Germany, Poland or France or send the participants to Czech Republic, Italy, Germany or Latvia. Organisations, which invited Ukrainian artists or sent the participants to Ukraine – Brida zavod za sodobno umetnost (Slovenia), Fundacja im. Tadeusza Kantora (Poland) and Zodiac Music Academy & Festival (France). Individual applicants from Ukraine wished to travel to United Kingdom, Finland, France, Lithuania, Estonia and Czech Republic.
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