Grants to Ukrainian organisations from at least two non-neighbouring regions of Ukraine for the implementation of joint projects in the cultural and creative industry spheres. This category is not open to individuals.
Culture Bridges provides grants of up to
Project duration
up to

Audiovisual (including film, television, and multimedia)
Libraries and museums
Visual arts
Creative hubs and cooperation platforms
Tangible and intangible cultural heritage
Media (including radio, TV and online-media)
Performing arts

Applications for this grant should address at least one of the following objectives:
Raising awareness of the importance of culture for economic development and social cohesion
Developing the knowledge and capacity of operators working in the cultural and creative sectors
Stimulating greater participation in cultural activities by the general public
Engaging under-represented or marginalised groups in cultural activity
Encouraging cooperation between civil society organisations (CSOs), public sector organisations and private sector organisations operating in the cultural and creative sectors
Exploring diversity and promoting intercultural dialogue through cultural activity
Please note: Grants will be paid on the basis of an 80% advance with the balance payable on submission and approval of a satisfactory final report.
Projects may be financed up to 100% using the programme funds, however co-funding of up to 30% will be encouraged and such applications will be scored more highly.
The programme cannot be used to access funds to satisfy co-funding requirements for other EU programmes, e.g. Creative Europe.
Project submission is open exclusively to organisations from Ukraine, in particular, civil society organisations, public sector organisations and private organisations (including for-profit organisations) working in the cultural and creative sectors. The project should be implemented by at least two Ukrainian organisations based in non-neighbouring regions (oblasts) of Ukraine.

One partner is responsible for submission of the application on behalf of all organisations who wish to collaborate on the project. Subsequently, the applicant partner will bear responsibility for signing and adhering to all terms of the agreement, including project financial accounting and reporting. Applicants must have appropriate legal status to receive charitable grants.


The call for National Cooperation Projects is now open until 31 January 2019 (18:00 Kyiv time)

To submit your application please register at this online portal, fill out the application form online and attach all supporting documents. Download a detailed description of the terms of participation in order to learn about the evaluation criteria and other provisions of this category of grant.

Each organisation can submit only one application for this type of grant in each call.

Acquaint yourself with the content of the application form and budget template by downloading copies of these at the hyperlinks or at the bottom of the page.

Timeline of calls for 2018
First Call
First Call
22/11/2017 - Opening the call
29/01/2018 - Deadline for applications
15/03/2018 - Notification of results
01/04/2018 - Earliest start date of mobilities / projects
15/06/2018 - Latest start date of projects
15/12/2018 - Deadline for completion of mobilities / projects
Second Call
Second Call
Mobilities only
Third Call
Third Call
14/05/2018 - Opening the call
19/07/2018 - Deadline for applications
17/09/2018 - Notification of results
08/10/2018 - Earliest start date of mobilities / projects
17/12/2018 - Latest start date of projects
17/06/2019 - Deadline for completion of mobilities / projects
Fourth Call
Fourth Call
Mobilities only
Fifth Call
Fifth Call
20/11/2018 - Opening the call
31/01/2019 - Deadline for applications
18/03/2019 - Notification of results
02/04/2019 - Earliest start date of projects
17/06/2019 - Latest start date of projects
17/12/2019 - Deadline for completion of projects
Sixth Call
Sixth Call
Mobilities only
The project is funded by the European Union