Culture Bridges Grants in Figures
The Culture Bridges grant programme has reached its end and we are publishing a full summary of its activities during its nearly two-year journey. Here you'll find some eye-opening data, learn which countries drew the most interest from our applicants, and discover which sectors of the creative industries and which regions of Ukraine were most active in our competition.
The first Culture Bridges grant call was opened on 22 November 2017. Applicants were given a choice of three grant categories for their project proposals: international mobility, national, and international cooperation projects. The sixth and final Culture Bridges competition phase was completed on 11 April 2019. Over the course of the programme 2,006 applications were received across all three grant categories. Of these, support was awarded to 120 project applications, surpassing the initial projection to support 96 projects. Of all registered applications, 60% met all technical requirements. The most frequent reason cited for project disqualification was the failure to provide all required documentation.

When preparing a grant application, carefully read all the programme documentation and then check and re-check the application to be sure it meets all competition requirements.
Learn about the projects supported by Culture Bridges here: News and Competition Results.
International Mobility Projects
International Mobility Project applications were received for trips to all 28 EU nation-states, with the three most popular travel destinations being Great Britain, Germany and Poland. The same three countries also led in applications submitted for travel to Ukraine. During the final competition phase the majority of project proposals received came from EU countries—a fact we attribute to an increase rate of invitations issued by Ukraine-based institutions.
Keep in mind that an international mobility project can often reach in both directions—to the EU and to Ukraine. An international mobility grant equips your group to invite a director, artist, conductor, trainer or other professional for cooperation.
Culture Bridges financed a total of 87 international mobility projects, providing nearly 178,000 Euros in support. Applicants came from every sector of the creative and cultural industries, led by those working in the visual, performance and audio-visual arts, festivals, creative hubs and collaborative platforms. The fewest number of applications came from the fashion, archival, media and craft sectors.
National Cooperation Projects
National Cooperation Project grant competitions were held every six months—three competitions in all. In total, 515 national cooperation project applications were registered, with awards going to 16 projects with an aggregate budget of nearly 140,000 Euros.

Applicants represented every Ukrainian oblast with the exception of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv Oblasts led in the number of applications submitted and project partners were sought most often in the Odesa, Lviv and Kyiv Oblasts.

The primary objective of the national cooperation grant is to augment cultural organizational partnerships domestically. A central competition prerequisite lay in the requirement that partnerships be formed between organisations in non-neighbouring regions of Ukraine. A failure to comply with this requirement was among the most frequent grounds for project disqualification.

The greatest number of project applications received fell into the disciplines of cultural heritage, festivals, creative hubs and cooperation platforms.

International Cooperation Projects
Over the programme's three international cooperation project competitions, 398 applications were received, the majority of which came from Ukrainian organisations. Of European countries submitting project applications, the largest number came from Great Britain, Poland and Germany.
Festivals, creative hubs and cooperation platforms and the visual arts were the most commonly represented sectors among international cooperation competition applicants. The image below depicts project financial support disbursements by sector.

Overall, Culture Bridges supported 17 international cooperation projects in the amount of 460,000 Euros.

In subsequent grant programmes we want to encourage greater participation from the fashion, archival, media and architectural sectors.
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