This 15 September 2019 in Kyiv, the Goethe-Institut in Ukraine (12/4 Voloska Street) will host the annual European Day of Languages initiated by the Council of Europe to support Europe's multilingual heritage.
A brilliant opportunity to test your knowledge of other European languages, start your acquisition of a new language and win amazing prizes on a day of fun and inspiration organized by Ukraine's contingent of European Cultural Institutes and Embassies.

Event organisers in Ukraine include the British Council in Ukraine, the Goethe-Institut Ukraine, the French Institute Ukraine, the Polish Institute in Kyiv, the Czech Centre in Ukraine, the Camões Portuguese Language Centre Kyiv, and the Embassies of Estonia, Spain, Lithuania and Hungary. The event is also partnered by the Ukrainian Society for the Deaf which will demonstrate Ukrainian sign language during the event.

The day will acquaint all comers with the cultural activities and educational opportunities made available in Ukraine by the European cultural institutes and embassies at work in Ukraine. There will be informative events about the culture of Ukraine's European neighbours, trial language lessons for children, teens and adults, workshops, and even quiz contests with some exciting prizes!

Courageous souls will be offered a brief but intense 'date' with European language instructors during the always popular SpeakDating event held in the Goethe-Institut courtyard. This is a chance to learn your first phrases in eleven different European languages from a native speaker!

The Goethe-Institut library will open its doors to the public that day with readings and recommendations of Embassy representatives of their favourite reads and with a chance for our littlest language learners to build their own book!

Visitors are also invited to follow along for the exciting quest German Footprints on Podil - filled with tasks to complete in and around the Goeth-Institut, puzzles to unlock and a chance to learn about the contribution of German culture to life in Kyiv.

To get a detailed programme of the event, visit our page on Facebook
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