There are many opportunities in Ukraine to get financial support for your cultural projects. As the Culture Bridges grant calls have ended, we have prepared a selection of other grant programmes for culture.

This is the European Union's programme to support the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors.

The different funding schemes encourage the audiovisual, cultural and creative players to operate across Europe, to reach new audiences and to develop the skills needed in the digital age. By helping European cultural and audiovisual works to reach audiences in other countries, the programme will also contribute to safeguarding cultural and linguistic diversity.

Who can participate - organizations with the legal status of more than 2 years.

Budget - up to € 2 million.

The programme consists of 3 sub-programmes:

  1. The CULTURE sub-programme helps cultural and creative organisations to operate transnationally and promotes the cross-border circulation of works of culture and the mobility of cultural players. Funding opportunities cover a diverse range of schemes: Cooperation projects, Literary Translation, Networks or Platforms.
  2. The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work.
  3. The Cross-sectoral strand of the Creative Europe programme is designed to serve three primary functions:
  • The establishment of a Guarantee Facility targeting the cultural and creative sectors;
  • The promotion of transnational policy cooperation;
  • Supporting a network of Creative Europe Desks

Who can participate - professionals in the fields of culture and creative industries, education, healthcare, media, social entrepreneurship and youth initiatives.

Budget - up to € 50,000 per project.

The program will consist of three main components:
Mobility and professional exchange - this strand will support individual trips from Ukraine to the EU and vice versa for internships, job-shadowing, for the purpose of networking, project preparation, and study tours that will allow exchanging experience with European counterparts.
Dialogue and cooperation - this area is aimed at supporting international cooperation projects. The focus will be on international cooperation, so at least one partner must be from an EU country. One of the sub-programs of this component will promote the development of infrastructure in the cultural sphere.

The Information and Coordination Hub is the centre, which you can approach and get information on opportunities, programs of the European Union and the individual EU Member States.

State institution established in 2017 to promote the development of culture and the arts of Ukraine. The main purpose of the Fund is to support the cultural diversity and integration of Ukrainian culture into the world cultural space. The Fund's activities are directed and coordinated by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Who can participate - a legal entity of all forms of ownership or a private entrepreneurs (Group III taxpayer) duly registered in the territory of Ukraine.
Budget - each program has a separate budget limits for projects. The limits of the project budget can be found on the page of each of the programs of the UCF website.

In 2019, the UCF implements the following programs:

The programme Promotion of Culture and Local Development will be launched in 2019.

A mobility program for artists and other representatives of the cultural sector (curators, cultural managers, etc.) who work in the field of performing and visual arts and residing in a Creative Europe country.

Who can participate - the program is designed for individual artists in the fields of visual arts(crafts, design, digital art, fashion, fine arts, graphics, photography) and performing arts (circus, dance, opera, performance, puppet theatre, street and theatre). Applications may also be submitted by groups of no more than five persons, but not by organisations or legal entities.

  • 15 to 29 days - 1,500 euros
  • 30 to 59 days - 2,400 euros
  • 60 to 85 days - 3,000 euros

To apply, you need to agree with a partner organisation or individual partner to implement a mobility project.

The Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises grant programme is aimed at supporting cultural, artistic and educational projects.

Who can participate - non-governmental organizations, charitable foundations and other non-profit organizations.
Budget - from € 500 to € 5 000.

The program supports bottom-up initiatives with innovative approaches, cross-sector or international cooperation in art, culture and education in Ukraine. A prerequisite is the implementation of projects in Ukraine within the specified timeframe.
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